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Shure Launches New Range Of Headphones

David Gilbert


Shure Launches New Range Of Headphones

Shure has long been known for producing high quality headphones and we’re sure the latest line of audio headsets won’t be much different. The one difference however is that the latest in-ear headphones, the SE215s, come with a price point of less than £100.

Now for most people, paying £100 for a pair of earphones would seem ludicrous, but considering the SE215’s big brother, the SE535s, came with a price tag of over £400, this seems like a bit of a bargain. For audiophiles out there who are a little strapped for cash, these earphones could be the answer to their prayers. The SE215s Sound isolating Earphone features a newly developed Dynamic MicroDriver to help enhance bass and improve noise isolation. Considering however that the SE353s contained three drivers (two woofers and a tweeter) we can begin to see why this set is sub-£100.

Like their bigger brother, the SE215s have a detactable cable, which means damaged cables can be easily replaced. The cable is also Kevlar-reinforced to make them even more durable. The SE215s are available in either clear or translucent black with both coming with an accessories package that includes three pairs of disposable black foam sleeves, three pairs of soft flex sleeves and a carrying case. The SE215s have a RRP of £99.99 and will be available this Spring.

On the over-ear headphones side of things, Shure has announced the new SRH550DJ and SRH940 models. The former is pitched at DJs (there’s a hint in the name) and come in at £99.99 while the SRH940s are aimed at those working in studio monitoring and mastering with a price tag of £249. “The Shure headphone line extends from our heritage and performance in the microphone and earphone market, enabling studio engineers, home recordists, performers, DJs, and audio enthusiasts to benefit from the professional quality sound that Shure is known for,” said Matt Engstrom, Category Director for Monitoring Products at Shure.

The SRH550DJs utilize 50mm dynamic drivers to deliver extended bass, have an adjustable, collapsible headband that swivels 90 degrees for flexible wearing positions and includes a threaded, quarter inch (6.3 mm) gold plated adapter and a carrying bag. On the more expensive side of things, the SRH940s promise “accurate frequency response for tight bass and smooth, high end extension with minimal distortion” as well as a collapsible, lightweight design with a padded headband. The SRH940s also come with a threaded, quarter inch (6.3 mm) gold plated adapter but also include two detachable cables (straight and coiled), a replacement set of velour ear pads, and a zippered, hard travel case. Both will be available this Spring.


January 18, 2011, 2:37 am

Those Shure se215 look like a good value to me. And they're compatible with foam tips from comply which I like www.complyfoam.com, but the cord on the SE mocels is 64" (162cm). That's a lot of cord to have wound up in your pocket. Hopefully Shure makes a shorter cord available soon.


January 18, 2011, 12:22 pm

The SE215 and SRH940 models are the most interesting of all company's headphones to me.

Thank you for the good news :)


January 18, 2011, 4:04 pm

I wonder how I'm going to justify upgrading my SRH840's to the wife...

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