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Shuffles Ship Friday

Gordon Kelly


Shuffles Ship Friday

In a most un-Applian way the redesigned Shuffle was not made immediately available after announcement but the wait is nearly over.

The latest version of the curiously popular little device will officially hit shelves in the UK this Friday will have a £55 RRP (including free shipping).

The site itself updated today with a ‘Ready to ship: 1-2 Weeks’ notice but I can confirm this is only in anticipation of huge demand and if you venture into the Apple store in two days time they will be on sale (at least until they inevitably sell out).

For the record the new Shuffle has a 1GB capacity and diddy dimensions of 41.2 x 27 x 10mm. It weighs just 15g so the clip on approach should appeal to owners and thieves alike.

I still have my doubts about whether a screen-less player has any real place in a market where colour LCD models such as Creative’s 1GB Zen V Plus ship for just £16 more but I’m sure there are many Apple fanboys out there eager to tell me differently.

Either way, I’m not nearly as excited by the Shuffle’s impending arrival as that of Meizu’s much-hyped Mini Player but I say tomato, you say ‘tomaito’ and there’s no way we can call the whole thing off.


Apple UK Shuffle Page

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