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Shazam Friends Allows You To Track Friends' Music

David Gilbert


Shazam Friends Allows You To Track Friends' Music

Shazam was one of the first apps on smartphones, which made non-believers realise the potential of what these devices could do. It was the app new iPhone owners pulled out to ‘wow’ their friends in the pub – and now it has added the power of Facebook.

The latest update to Shazam for iOS and Android will bring with it a new feature called Shazam Friends. “Shazam Friends is an innovative way for Shazamers {really?} to discover and share new music with their friends on Facebook.” The way it will work is the new feature provides a real-time feed of songs that friends have tagged, creating a continuously updating list. Once users download the update, they will see a new tab called ‘Friends' within the app. Once you then log into your Facebook account and confirm you want to connect and share with friends, you will be able to take advantage of a number of new features.

These include browsing your friends tags, listening to previews, watching music videos, reading reviews, accessing biographies and of course purchasing any of the tracks you see. Obviously you will be able to post tags to Twitter and Facebook to let people know just what cool tunes you are listening to. Andrew Fisher, CEO at Shazam said: “Shazam Friends is a major step forward in social music sharing. We all have friends or family with great taste in music and have discovered an artist or song because of them.”

The update is now available for iOS users and will be coming to Android devices in the coming weeks.

Source: Shazam

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