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Sharp Unveils 70in 3D Quattron TV


Sharp Unveils 70in 3D Quattron TV

Been tempted by Sharp's impressive Quattron LCD TVs but just couldn't find one large enough? Well, how does 70in sound?

The LC-70LE732U is the flagship product in the company's latest Quattron range that will be arriving in the next few months. As well as the company's latest screen tech, which includes local dimming backlighting, the new range will offer built-in Wi-Fi, with access to Facebook, Pandora, twitter and Flickr and on demand movies through Netflix, VUDU, and CinemaNow. The company's innovative remote customer service functionality will also be included, allowing you to have a Sharp professional connect to your TV across your network to troubleshoot it and set it up just as you want it.

Quattron is Sharp's proprietary panel technology that uses not just red, blue and green subpixels to reproduce all its colours but adds a yellow one as well. This allows for a brighter image and potentially more even and accurate looking colours. It may sound like a gimmick but in our tests on the LC-46LE821E it certainly proves to be a very capable technology.

Also launched was a line of similarly specified panels that omit the 3D capabilities while the LS835 range offers edge-lit LED backlighting, Quattron panels, and all the multimedia features mentoined above. It will be available in sizes from 60in down to 40in.

Interested in a 70in LCD screen or does Mitsubishi's 92in rear projection model more take your fancy? let us know in the comments.

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