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Sharp Unveils 1024 x 480 Touchscreen Handset

Gordon Kelly


Sharp Unveils 1024 x 480 Touchscreen Handset

So the Touch HD may think it is king of the touchscreen hill with its huge 3.8in 800 x 480 resolution screen (and, to be honest, after a hands-on yesterday, it really is nice...) but Sharp has other ideas...

In a predictably Japanese only launch, the 'FULLTOUCH 931SH' may be a mouthful but its 3.8in 1024 x 480 native resolution is certainly an eye full too taking up the full front of a sizeable slider handset.

This isn't the end of the 931SH's tricks either since it packs in virtually every currently fashionable spec in the book including a high resolution (5.2MP) camera, HSDPA, GPS, an accelerometer and microSDHC expansion slot. There's even a magnetic compass and integrated support for making touch payments - Oyster style.

Of course with all these plus points there have to be downsides like the lack of any substantial native memory or the fact we'll never ever seen one in Europe...

Oh Sharp, we used to adore your wonderful range of GX handsets. Where did all the love go?


Product Page via Sharp.jp

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