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Sharp Quattron TV Goes 3D


Sharp Quattron TV Goes 3D

Sharp has jumped onto the stereoscopic bandwagon with the release of its first Quattron TV that supports 3D and is also releasing offering a matching 3D capable Blu-ray player.

Sharp garnered both attention and praise last year for its Quattron set that innovated by adding a yellow sub-pixel to the common-or-garden red, green and blue ones to improve the overall colour reproduction. Now the company has added 3D capability into the mix to produce the 60in Quatton 3DTV. As with most 3D TVs this uses active shutter glasses tech.

The effect of a 3D polarizing filter and glasses traditionally cause a loss of brightness, but Sharp believes it has solved this issue thanks to a combination of a UV2A system, which it said enhances the light output by optimising the alignment of the liquid crystals - and by using efficient ‘Super Edge’ LED backlighting. Sharp claims that this makes its TV 1.8 times brighter than other 3D TVs on the market – but without any extra power consumption over rivals.

“Sharp has a reputation for setting the standards in the LCD TV segment and for upping the game for the industry with technologies like Quattron” said Paul Molyneux, managing director of Sharp Electronics UK, in a statement. “The integration of 3D along with our other technologies enables us to go one step further and produce the brightest, clearest 3D images so far achieved by flat screen TVs."

Sharp 3D Blu-ray player catches the eye for its sideways on-a-stand design, but otherwise it has revealed little more, save that it will be called the BD-HP90S, will retail for £379.99 and will be available from November 2010.

The 60in 3d Quattron TV, which appears to be its official model name, will appear in October 2010 for £3,500. Sharp has promised a fuller line-up of products to follow in 2011.

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