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Sharp Plans 3D Smartphone This Year


Sharp Plans 3D Smartphone This Year

Sharp will launch a smartphone by the end of the year that it hopes will best the competition thanks to a 3D screen.

Details on the phone are light but Reuters is reporting that the 3D panel won’t require the use of glasses to view. It’s logical to assume it will use the same parallax barrier technology featured in the Nintendo 3DS, especially as Sharp will make that very screen for the Nintendo handheld. While 3D without glasses is not yet practical for very large screens, it’s effective on smaller devices such as phones, where viewing is close up and from limited angles. The phone will also offer a 3D capable camera.

It’s not the first phone announced to feature a 3D display – Samsung beat it to the punch with the W960, but that’s a Korean only model. That said, at this point, it’s unknown if Sharp’s phone will make it past Japanese shores.

The Sharp 3D phone will use the same display technology as the Nintendo 3DS

Which OS the phone will use has not been announced, but either way, Sharp will no doubt hope that it’s more successful that its most recent mobile phone venture – the Kin, which it manufactured on behalf of Microsoft, but lasted only a few short months.

With a 3D capable phone, gaming will no doubt be high on the feature list for this phone, and we imagine that Sharp will have the iPhone’s gaming market in its sights. Sharp also recently announced an iPad rivalling tablet that it has also promised for the end of the year.

Via: Reuters.

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