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Sharp Launches BD-HP22H Blu-ray Player


Sharp Launches BD-HP22H Blu-ray Player

Sharp's BD-HP22H Blu-ray player might be unfortunate in launching sans Managed Copy support, but packing a decent feature set at a decent price so it's still worth consideration.

Unsurprisingly the BD-HP22H provides 1080p playback, with 24Hz support, with HDMI and Component outputs present. Being Profile 2.0 compliant, the player will enable access to internet-based content on compatible discs.

The BD-HP22H offers onboard decoding of both Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio and 7.1-channel surround sound output over HDMI or 5.1-channel over optical. There's o mention whether the player can pass a bit-stream output to an external amplifier, though.

An AQUOS mode purports to offer improved image quality when paired with an AQUOS TV. I'd warrant a Kuro would look notably better, though. In operation the player draws 20W of power, falling to 0.7W in standby which is pretty low.

The BD-HP22H will be available this month, with a £199 MSRP should you be tempted.



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