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Sharp LE600 & LE700 LED-Backlit TVs Launch


Sharp LE600 & LE700 LED-Backlit TVs Launch

Not too long after the launch of its impressive LC-52XS1E RGB LED TV, Sharp has yet more LED-backlit TVs in the offering - the LE600 and LE700 series. While both have 'mere' white LEDs, a step down from the full RGB LED lighting of the XS1 series they also come in with a much more manageable £750 starting price.

The LE600 series comprises 32in (pictured), 40in and 46in panel sizes with the LE700 series adding a 52in panel to the mix. All feature 1,920 x 1,080 pixel resolutions and use LED-backlights. Both the LE600 and LE70 series claim 4,000:1 contrast ratios which seems pretty conservative compared to the likes of the Samsung 8500 series and it's claimed 7,000,000:1 contrast ratio - but I'm not convinced such figures are particularly worth paying much attention too anyway.

Of more note are the use of Sharp's "X-Gen Panel" with its proprietary "Mega Contrast" and "Brilliant colour Processor" technology. Combined these purport to deliver deep blacks and vivid - but accurate - colours.

The LE700-series' improvements over the LE600 series comes primarily from 100Hz processing and panels boasting 4ms instead of 6ms response times. Further, the LE700 series has an extra HDMI port - four verses the LE600 series' three to be specific. And last of all there's a USB port on the LE700 series, enabling playback of MP3 and JPEG files.

The LE600 and LE700 series are available as of this month from the usual (r)etailer suspects.



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