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Sharp GX40 Is Damp Squib

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It’s been flippin’ ages (to use the technical term) since the GX30 appeared (more than two years to be precise), and though we’ve had the GX15 and 902/903 since this is the one most Sharp fans have been waiting for.

Sadly, the GX40 doesn’t appear to be the gargantuan leap forward many would’ve expect after such a long hiatus. There’s still no 3G, the integrated digital camera is just 1.3 megapixels (waaaay off what we would’ve expect from a manufacturer which previously lead the field in this area) and the main display is a paltry 2in 320x240 affair (smaller than the GX30). A miniSD slot is built in (expanding the memory up to a maximum of 512MB) and it weights only 98g, but really – as a former Sharp GX groupie – I expected far more.

Of course there’s a media player built in, FM radio, web browser, email client and Bluetooth and you get just under four hours talk time but a range that was once cutting edge is now merely making up the numbers. Even more confusing, is that Sharp has been blazing a trail with high tech phones in the Far East for a number of years now, so why the damp squib over here guys?

The GX40 will debut early in Q1, but pricing isn’t yet known. To be honest, I don’t think I care…

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