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Sharp Details Christmas DTR Line-Up


Sharp Details Christmas DTR Line-Up

You'd be hard pushed to buy a TV now that didn't have a Freeview tuner built into it, but what about Freeview+? If you want the functionality of a video recorder tied into Freeview's EPG and the benefits available as a result you'll need a Digital TV Recorder (DTR) like Sharp's TU-TV162H and TU-TV252H.

The only difference between the two devices, as betrayed by the names is the use of a 160GB hard drive in the TU-TV162H (apparently good for 80 hours of TV recording) and a 250GB (or 125 hour) drive in the TU-TV252H. Elsewhere both boast dual tuners allowing for simultaneous viewing and recording (including subtitle recording), a one-touch recording feature and, of course, access to such Freeview+ functions like series recording - a particularly useful feature!

Connectivity isn't exactly great, comprising a pair of Scart outputs, an RS232 port and an optical audio out, but for standard def TV that isn't a particular problem. There's even a one-month trial of Top up TV and a six-month Setanta Sports trial in the package! Not particularly bad value with the TU-TV162H packing a £129.99 MSRP and the TU-TV252H sitting at £149.99 - the latter clearly bring better value for money.

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