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Series6 PowerVR GPUs As Powerful As Desktop PCs

David Gilbert


Series6 PowerVR GPUs As Powerful As Desktop PCs

Mobile gaming used to be the preserve of Nintendo Gameboys and Sega Game Gears but these days mobile gaming spans a huge range of devices from mobile phones to high-end 3D-sporting handheld consoles.

This explosion in mobile gaming has been facilitated by the huge advances made in GPU technology and at Mobile World Congress this week, one of the leaders in the field has announced a new series of mobile GPUs which will be “20-100 times the power” of today’s quad-core models. Imagination Technologies is renowned for its prowess in this area with its Series5 PowerVR chips currently inside the iPhone 4, Samsung Galaxy S and the up-coming NGP console from Sony. It has now announced the Series6 PowerVR chips, codenamed Rogue, which it says could match the processing power of desktop PC GPUs within three years.

It is a brave boast to make but with an excellent track record in the area, Imagination Technologies must be confident it will be able to deliver. A number of partners have already licenced the chips for use, and while Imagination Technologies remained tight lipped on who they were, we would guess that current collaborators Sony and Texas Instruments would be a sure bet.

With the release of the Xperia Play at MWC last week and the continued growth of gaming on touchscreen mobile phones, gaming on the go seems to be a trend that is going to stay with us for a long time. However while the processing power inside our mobiles may be stellar thanks to advances like this from Imagination Technologies, are we going to see software to match? In a dilemma similar to that facing multi-core CPUs, it is a case of the hardware outstripping the software and having to hang around for it to catch up. That said, advances like this one are always welcome if just as an indication of what could be.

Source: Imagination Technologies via Pocket Gamer

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