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Sennheiser Launches High End Wireless Buds

Gordon Kelly


Sennheiser Launches High End Wireless Buds

For those with extremely good memories Sennheiser's latest technological tour de force may look a bit familiar...

Yep, the acoustic guru has teamed up with Kleer to launch the 'MX Wireless 1' (MX W1 for short-ish) which it claims are the first pair of wireless earphones to achieve 'Hi-Fi quality' audio (kind of a vague term for those who own Alba or Denon units...).

Behind this jiggery pokery however what we learn is much more specific: transmitting a signal at up to 2.37MBps peak bit rate means in theory the buds should play even the largest lossless tracks without any compression on their way to your ear. Deemed 10x more efficient than Bluetooth, Sennheiser also says the tech has no delay in the audio transmission - a vital factor in eliminating lip sync issues for the rapidly increasing number of people using their players to watch video.

Despite their intimidating appearance, the MX W1's also weigh just 10gms and should last from 10 - 12 hours on a single charge while the matchbox-sized transmitter should prove little hassle. For nauseatingly sweet couples, the transmitter can also send signal to two pairs of MX W1's simultaneously. Oh its 3.5mm jack is slim enough to fit first gen iPhones.

Now here's the 'but' and it's predictability wallet orientated. For whereas Kleer once optimistically thought of shipping its technology for a mere $149 in a deal which included a free MP3 player the optimum nature of the Sennheiser MX W1s means you'll be required to shell out a full £299.99 for the pleasure of owning them (MP3 player of any kind not included).

So how much do you want to straddle that bleeding edge...?


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The Pope

August 13, 2008, 9:33 pm

Strewth, them's a bit pricey!

I'd also be worried about losing one of 'em - I'd personally favour a (bigger) pair of over-ears that are joined together, but wireless to my iPod. After all, left to right cables aren't really an issue; headphones to pocket / bag are a bit more of a pfaff.


August 14, 2008, 2:43 pm

I would want some of these, but not for that money. Half that would be the absolute max I can see me paying for any earphones. Possible problem though, since this is new tech people will probably think you are wearing two bluetooth headsets and deem you akin to a 'Nathan Barley', thus a tw*t.

Question about them: Is the transmitter, charger, case for them all rolled into one?


August 14, 2008, 6:49 pm

Fantastic! I wondered if anyone would mention Nathan Barley.

Hopefully someone will match Sennheiser's initiative and develop a pair like this without the heavy compression of Bluetooth.

Two factors would have me forking out -

> Battery life that matched the player (I'm guessing '10-12' means 8 hours realworld usage here)

> Cost! &#16380-100 makes it a luxury consumer item, but &#163300 puts it way beyond all but the fattest wallets.

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