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SeeSaw Lets You Choose The Ads You Watch

David Gilbert


SeeSaw Lets You Choose The Ads You Watch

Ads are a necessary evil when it comes to watching content either on your TV directly or catching-up online (with the exception of the BBC iPlayer that is). Now online streaming service SeeSaw, which launched last February, is looking to give viewers a more refined ad-watching experience by letting them choose for themselves what ads they watch.

Entitled Ad Selector, the new system, which will come on-stream this week, has been described as a “win-win” situation by the company. It will allow for more targeted marketing from the advertisers’ point of view and will allow users of the system see content they are more interested in. Viewers will be able to choose from three separate adverts prior to the beginning of the chosen programme. Having seen this system work in the US already, SeeSaw have partnered with technology company Brainient to bring this to UK users.

Ben Williams, head of advertising for SeeSaw said: “The Ad Selector is simple and effective, essentially giving the user the choice to pick the advert they wish to see. This puts the user in control of the advertising experience and therefore increases their engagement and purchase intent.”

Signaling that this innovation would be the first of a number of new advertising initiatives, Williams said: “Our vision is to create a unique environment for advertisers to reach their audience through innovative methods, and today’s announcement is the first step towards this with more initiatives in the pipeline.”

SeeSaw offers a choice of free and rental programming from a wide range of UK and international content suppliers including: BBC Worldwide, Channel 4, Five, Disney, MTV and NBC Universal.

Source: SeeSaw

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