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SeeSaw Ad-Free For Just 1p

David Gilbert


SeeSaw Ad-Free For Just 1p

We all know that adverts are a necessary evil and if we could get rid of them while watching television we would. This is something SeeSaw has obviously spotted and why it offered its ad-free NonStop service recently. And this weekend it is trying to get people to see exactly how good it is by offering the service for just 1p.

The standard price of the service is £2.99 per month so a huge price cut down to 1p will inevitably entice some viewers who were thinking about using the service but put off by the price. NonStop is a feature on the online TV service that lets users switch off the ads around their free ad-funded content, for a small monthly fee.

So instead of seeing ads before your re-runs of Come Dine With Me or Emergency Bikers you will get unadulterated viewing pleasure to enjoy. This offer of 1p is only open from noon today until noon on Monday, December 13. If you really, really don’t want to see those ads, then you can visit its website here.

SeeSaw seems to be very worried about viewers getting annoyed at the ads they see on the site as a couple of weeks ago, it launched Ad Selector. This allows viewers to choose from three separate adverts prior to the beginning of the chosen programme. Having seen this system work in the US already, SeeSaw have partnered with technology company Brainient to bring this to UK users.

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