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Second Samsung Android Smartphone Outed

Gordon Kelly


Second Samsung Android Smartphone Outed

While we Brits still wait eagerly for the Samsung I7500 Galaxy, it seems the Korean giant's second Android handset isn't far off...

Android fansite phandroid (loving the warped portmanteau) has uncovered details on the 'InstinctQ'. Sadly, other than a nice array of images, few specification details are actually available.

What we do know for sure is that it sports WiFi, since it was first spotted getting its Wi-Fi certification. For the rest, we'll simply have to use a bit of judgement. Consequently, my expert option is able to tell you it has a sliding Qwerty keyboard! This should make it a nice alternative form factor to the Galaxy, but it will obviously be bulky and heavier as a result (circa 125g, to these eyes).

Next up, the InstinctQ is clearly a touchscreen handset because 1. It has so few keys available when the Qwerty keyboard is shut and 2. It has a vast array of finger marks all over it! As for a screen res, well it strikes me as much sharper than your the usual QVGA but whether that's 320 x 480 or higher is anyone's guess right now. Samsung is also clearly not pulling an HTC Hero having stuck to the standard Android UI.

As for nailed on certs, I'd place significant money on HSDPA, Bluetooth, aGPS and a 5MP camera (this is Samsung, after all), microSD will inevitably appear too. As for a release date? Back in February Samsung promised three Android handsets in 2009 so it seems safe to say Q4 at latest.

Pah, it's like we don't even need the official specs...


via phandroid

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