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Seagate Launches First SSD Line

Gordon Kelly


Seagate Launches First SSD Line

Seagate has been notoriously slow in jumping onto the solid state drive bandwagon, but I guess this time it just rolled really close by...

The storage giant has today finally announced the 'Pulsar' line, its first range of SSDs. Not surprisingly Seagate has chosen to aim this line immediately at the high end enterprise sector and so the series solely uses expensive single-level cell (SLC) memory and will likely cost both your arms, legs and those of your nearest and dearest.

That said, as you might expect, performance is excellent with Seagate quoting read and write speeds of 240MBps and 200MBps respectively with 30,000 read IOPS and 25,000 write IOPS. It is also including a five year warranty as standard.

"Seagate is optimistic about the enterprise SSD opportunity and views the product category as enabling expansion of the overall storage market for both SSDs and HDDs," said Seagate executive VP Dave Mosley. "We are delivering on that strategy with the Pulsar drive, and you can expect additional products in the future from Seagate using a variety of solid state and rotating media components."

So how long before we see a move into the mainstream? The Pulsar range will launch in February so I suspect not before the middle of the year. Still, based on the evidence of this drive, they could well be worth the wait...


Pulsar Product Page

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