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Seagate Dives Into PCI Express SSD Market

Gordon Kelly


Seagate Dives Into PCI Express SSD Market

We've already seen some extreme high end moves into the PCIe SSD space in the shape of OCZ's Z-Drive and Fusion-io's ioXtreme, but could the moves of a monster like Seagate take them more mainstream?

Certainly there is potential following news that the storage giant has today partnered with silicon, systems and software tech company LSI in order to take its first steps into this exciting market. Under the deal LSI is expected to deliver board-level products that integrate LSI SAS and PCIe technology with Seagate's solid-state drive tech.

"The collaboration extends Seagate's enterprise solid-state strategy, which is focused on delivering the best-fit solutions for IT using both traditional hard disk drives and solid-state storage," said Seagate executive VP David Mosley in a slightly dull statement (mine would've gone: PCIe SSD WEEEEEE!).

Of course SATA 3.0 could make PCIe a moot point, as theoretically could USB 3.0, but it does still offer unparalleled bandwidth with v2.0 capable of 500MBps (v3.0 will double this again this year). It is also, quite simply, bleeding edge tech and very cool.

No dates were put on products from the Seagate/LSI partnership, but with its Pulsar SSDs (pictured) already pushing for recognition in the Enterprise space let's hope it's not too long...



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