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Screencasts Are Go As Camtasia Studio 6 Hits

Gordon Kelly


Screencasts Are Go As Camtasia Studio 6 Hits

We've been here before with Camtasia Studio 5 so what's new this time around?

Well, 13 months on with the arrival of 'Camtasia Studio 6' the simple answer regarding the video and screencast creation software is a lot. So let's cut straight to it:

  • Independent editing of visual and audio: separate changes can be made to audio and video recordings. Audio can now be re-recorded and dubbed over the original video and vice versa

  • Editing hotkeys: eliminates the manual selection of options from a menu. Instead, regularly used editing tools can be assigned a hotkey, reducing editing time

  • Creation of screencasts in an MPEG-4 AVC file format that uses Flash Player, the most widely used video player online, opens up the sharing of screencast files across multiple devices such as PCs, Macs and iPods

  • New effects to add depth to presentations: the Tilt feature allows users to change the camera angle of the presentation so the content appears to be in a 3D space. Greater control over timings also mean that fades can be edited to 1/10th of a second, streamlining the audio and visual synchronisation process

  • Free, enhanced Screencast.com integration means users can upload, share and organise completed videos on screencast.com. The improved service gives purchasers of Camtasia Studio 6 2GB of storage on Screencast.com and 2GB of monthly bandwidth as standard

  • High definition (HD) video standard presentations: allowing users to display their presentations on HD TVs and widescreen monitors without losing resolution quality

  • MOV file editing: it is now possible to select footage created with digital video cameras and other screencast applications for editing in Camtasia Studio 6.
Yep, it's a tidy old range in these days of the ever growing self-made YouTube stars and they build on swanky core Camtasia features such as 'SmartFocus' (which automatically tracks movement of the mouse, tagging clicks and zooming to dialogue boxes), 'Snap-to-Apps' (automatic framing of applications prior to recording) and 'ExpressShow' (a discrete window which keeps a real time track of footage as it's recorded).

As usual, all this functionality doesn't ally Camtasia with the bargain basement but for those with serious screencast and video aspirations the $299 (£200) RRP should prove a price worth paying for software which has consistently proved it can get the job done right.


Camtasia Studio Product Page

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