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Save The World For Under $500

Gordon Kelly


Save The World For Under $500

“The World’s…” is a phrase much banded about in the IT market. Largest, Fastest and Lightest are generally the adjectives of choice which follow that but never greenest.

Breaking this trend is US system builder Everex who has employed VIA’s C7-M mobile processor to promote a tree-huggingly friendly new laptop.

The NC1500 draws just 12W peak power due to a combination of the C7-M (1.5GHz) with VIA’s UniChrome Pro integrated graphics, power management software and a low speed 4,200RPM 60GB hard drive. Remarkably, the laptop still sports a 15.4in WXGA display with DiamondBrite technology, DVD writer and the power happy wireless b/g.

At 2.4Kg the NC1500 is portable too and despite costing an ultra low $498 it comes with 512MB of RAM, 10/100 Ethernet, 3x USB2.0 ports plus a copy of Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition (SP2). It doesn’t look half bad either.

John Lin, Vice President of Sales for Everex was clearly pleased with himself stating, “Unlike products which rely on costly, power hungry processors or potentially hazardous batteries, the ground-breaking design of the NC1500 provides consumers with a true, no-compromise alternative.

So, unlike organic food, you can save the planet without taking out a second mortgage and that my little cherubs is how we like our goodness: with cash breaks.


Everex NC1500 Product Page

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