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Sanyo Claims Worls's Smallest/Sexiest 1080p Camcorder

Gordon Kelly


Sanyo Makes World's Smallest/Sexiest 1080p Camcorder

Has Sanyo made the most desirable camcorder to date...?

Strange as it might seem the answer appears to be Yes. Say goodbye to its previous Volvo-inspired efforts and say hello to the Xacti 'DMX-HD1000' - the world's smallest Full HD capable camcorder.

Measuring just 112 x 90 x 54mm and weighing a feathery 311g (including battery), the HD1000 certainly makes a stunning entrance then improves it further with a large 2.7in fold away LCD, the ability to shoot 8MP stills, a 10x optical zoom and HDMI-out. *Swoon*

Could we be any happier? Perhaps if it took SD & SDHC cards and could record directly to them in a space saving modern format... well, it does and Mpeg4 is its wise choice meaning an 8GB SDHC card will hold up to 85 minutes of Full HD (1920 x 1080) footage.

Even the battery life is good for two full hours of continuous recording.

Could there be a final cherry on the top? How about a September launch and an anticipated $1,000 RRP...

Yep, I'm smitten and she's beautiful. Now avert your retched eyes - you don't deserve to look at her.


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