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Sansa: The nano Slayer?

Gordon Kelly by

Sansa: The nano Slayer?

Apple’s iPod players have many challengers: Creative, Sony, even iRiver but I certainly didn’t expect flash memory specialist SanDisk to burst out of the blue with the most creditable nano challenger to date.

Now it may not have a catchy name like the ‘nano’, but the new e200 series is going to give Apple’s sexiest player cause for a few sleepless nights. For a start the flash memory based player is now the largest on the market, topping out at 6GB (it is also available in 2GB and 4GB capacities), it sports a larger screen (4.57cm verses 3.81cm) and – get this – plays video.

Ok, so suddenly I have your attention! An FM radio with on-the-fly recording is another feature long neglected by the Feline Obsessed White Fetishist that is present and correct here. A slideshow function lets users view photos and play music simultaneously, and a microSD expansion slot enables further storage expansion and easy sharing of content to and from other devices. The size is a nano comparable footprint of 8.9 x 4.4cm (opposed to 9 x 4cm) but, perhaps expectedly, the thickness is far greater at 1.3cm (nearly twice that of the nano’s bulimic 0.69cm). That said, you’re getting a lot more functionality for your money.

‘Money’ you say? “But the nano is the cheapest high capacity flash based memory player out there!” As Inspector Clouseau once famously said: Not Anymore. SanDisk is an old hat at this whole memory making malarkey and, as such, has been able to bring in the e200 2GB and 4GB models at a nano equalling $199.99 and $249.99 respectively. We have no idea what Apple would price a 6GB nano at, but it would do well to match the $299.99 RRP SanDisk has come up with for its flagship model.

Still so sceptical about all things non-White-earphoned? For the e200 series the proof of the pudding with be in the interface but until we can get our grubby hands on one, this looks like a dream on paper…


15 hours battery life (one more than the nano), we'll check back if the weight slips out.



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