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Samsung bada OS Screenshots Revealed

Gordon Kelly


Samsung bada OS Screenshots Revealed

My, this looks familiar...

The first screenshots of the Samsung bada interface have leaked onto the web today courtesy of the Italian site Samsung.hdblog and the parallels to the company's existing TouchWiz UI are there for all to see. There is also something of a mash-up of Android and Symbian, but wow are those icons ugly!

The good news is the practicality Samsung has insisted upon for bada: it will be multi-touch supported, open source and integrate Cloud based device management and synchronisation. There will also be a developer challenge which sees Samsung cough up a hefty $2.7m of prize money for the best apps.

The bad however is – for my money – bada simply is pointless. TouchWiz is a rubbish UI to imitate and given Samsung is a handset maker I can't see how bada can gain any traction amongst rival manufacturers. Consequently it might as well be a proprietary platform and we all know the future is in cross hardware OSes such as Android or niche high-end platforms like iPhone OS and BlackBerry OS.

In short, my cynicism levels remain cranked up to 10. How about yours?


via Samsung.hdblog

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