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Samsung Wave 723 Keeps Bada OS Flame Alive

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Samsung Wave 723 Keeps Bada OS Flame Alive

While we were pretty enthusiastic about the Samsung Wave as a handset, it’s still hard to see where its Bada OS fits in to the grand scheme of mobile OSs. However, Samsung is clearly persevering with its home-grown open-source OS, and has announced a second Bada handset – the Samsung Wave 723.

At 3.2in the display is a fraction smaller than the Wave's 3.3in, but only sports WQVGA resolution, which is 240 x 400, for those that don’t speak abbreviation; that's just a quarter of the 480 x 800 pixel resolution of it's namesake. However, thanks to the Bada 1.1 SDK, developers can auto-scale their applications to work on this second Bada OS phone. Additionally, the screen uses ‘mere’ TFT-LCD tech rather than the Super AMOLED used on the Wave.

Other than that, the specs are fairly similar to the Wave, so you get 802.11n Wi-Fi, Bluetooth (but only 2.1), A-GPS, an accelerometer, a USB port and a 5-megapixel camera that record 320 x 240 resolution video.

There’s 90MB of memory on board, which isn’t much but the microSD card slot supports up to 16GB. A 3.5m headphone socket sits at the top, while the SoundAlive music recognition service is pre-installed.

With a TouchWiz 3.0 interface and a dolphin multi-touch enabled browser, this should make for an effective handset.

While the specs may be a tad underwhelming, it should make for a very affordable entry level smartphone and thus give Bada OS a logical place in the market. That said though, we still see Android handsets muscling in on much the same territory.

Link: Samsung UK

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