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Samsung Upgrades Fashion Phone Favourite

Gordon Kelly


Samsung Upgrades Fashion Phone Favourite

This isn't the most exciting story in the world, but given the remarkable ubiquity of the Samsung U600 there is no doubt the more hair gelled amongst you will be keenly interested in this...

Last night Samsung threw a bash at the O2 arena to announce, wait for it, the 'Black U600'. No, seriously.

Yes, the Black U600 is - you guessed it - a black U600. Thankfully it does have one teeny technological difference to the original U600 (which was pretty much a dark gray/black anyway): 'Haptic Touch'. Basically, this puts up in VibeTonz territory and provides some useful vibration feedback when the otherwise ever-so twitchy and ever-so irritating touch sensitive buttons on the front facia (which spoilt the original) are pressed.

That aside, we're still in 10.9mm thick, 3.2MP camera, microSD expansion slot and Bluetooth territory when something more substantial (3G?) wouldn't have gone amiss. As is often the way with these style-makeovers, the Black U600 will be exclusive - in this case to O2 - and will come free on all monthly contracts or set you back just £99 on PAYG.

Potentially more interesting, Samsung has more UK press launches scheduled for Friday and Monday where we were told to expect a smartphone and 'something else'. Obviously the dates front up the Mobile World Congress (the new name for 3GSM this year) - so let's hope we get something more substantial than a 'Black' G600...


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