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Samsung Unveils iPhone & Prada Rival

Gordon Kelly


Samsung Unveils iPhone & Prada Rival

While it will be the first to deny such allegations, Samsung will soon be releasing its first direct iPhone rival.

Like Apple's ultra-hyped handset, the 'SGH-P520' will sport a large touchscreen which fills virtually the whole of its facia and all number/text input will be done via its software GUI. Scoring a few major points against the iPhone, the P520 will also sport a higher end three megapixel camera (with video recording ability) and a much more compact design measuring just 88 x 54 x 8.9mm.

On the downside, this reduced frame does mean a smaller 2.6in display compared to the 3.5 incher in the iPhone and the native resolution is standard QVGA (320 x 240). Onboard memory isn't in the same league either with just 50MB internally, but then again it sports a microSD slot meaning – unlike the iPhone – it has potentially limitless expansion capabilities.

The usual multimedia functionality is also standard along with Bluetooth, WiFi and iPhone matching GSM/EDGE connectivity (shame Sammy didn't go completely for the kill with 3G) and while pricing and availability haven't been confirmed yet I'll bet you it doesn't require laying out $499/599 large and tethering yourself to a two year contract.

With a European iPhone carrier still not announced I suspect this is the last handset Apple wanted to see hitting the market, while LG's Prada phone and HTC's poorly thought out Touch are also likely to be having a few sleepless nights.


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