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Samsung Unveils 'Tocco Lite'

Gordon Kelly


Samsung Unveils 'Tocco Lite'

Looking for some cheap Tocco thrills?

Samsung has today added a third member to its Tocco family. The 'Tocco Lite' follows on from the solid F480 and fairly exciting Ultra Edition and is designed to appeal to touchscreen fans on a budget.

Built around a 3.0 WVGA 262k colour screen (resistive in this price bracket, naturally), the Tocco Lite keeps things to a minimum with EDGE instead of 3G, a 3.2MP camera and limited 15fps QVGA video recording. Against this is a nimble form factor (106 x 53.5 x 11.9mm), microSD support (up to 8GB), the established TouchWiz UI, handwriting recognition, document viewer and an accelerometer.

To be fair, there are some shortcuts here I wouldn't expect (3G in particular seems a commodity components these days) but the omissions do mean Samsung saves money in fitting a lower capacity 100mAh battery which will keep the costs down. Furthermore online widgets for the likes of Facebook, MySpace and YouTube should make this a reasonably well connected phone for social media fans.

The big question then in all this is how much will the Tocco Lite cost? Personally I would hope to see it on pre-pay for under £140 and certainly free on any sort of contract you care to think about. On the other hand, picking up an F480 (3G, 5MP camera) these days costs peanuts so Samsung needs to get its RRP right.

With an impending May arrival date, we shouldn't have to wait long to find out…


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April 29, 2009, 10:20 pm

a wvga screen on a budget phone? that's one hell of a high res screen for a knock down price!

would also love to see how long the 100mAh battery lasts powering it.


April 29, 2009, 10:24 pm

"Looking for some cheap Tocco thrills?"

Who isn't!? :)


April 30, 2009, 12:55 am

I work in authorized selling point (how they are called in UK?) of Era, which is T-mobile in Poland, and we've recieved the latest price lists yesterday for theese phones. This Tocco lite is free on 2yr next-to-cheapest tarif. It's actually on the price point of nokia's bearded and old 6300. Amazing.

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