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Samsung Unveils Open Source bada Mobile OS

Gordon Kelly


Samsung Unveils Open Source bada Mobile OS

Samsung has talked some more about its bada smartphone OS and, you know what? I still don't get it...

Today the company 'unveiled the platform to the world' without actually showing anyone what it will look like. Instead Samsung announced the bada SDK (software developers' kit) is now available for partners around the world (except it isn't, the link is still a holding page - update: it's live now).

So without seeing it, let alone seeing it in action, what did we learn? The positive news is every bada phone will be touchscreen and offering multi-touch interaction. It will be heavily Cloud based with device content management and synchronisation supported by back-end bada servers and it will be open source to give developers greater freedom.

Samsung is also promoting the 'bada Developer Challenge' to kick-start support with a $2.7m prize fun over to the best apps. Meanwhile Twitter, Blockbuster, Capcom, EA Mobile and Gameloft have all signed on develop for the platform, though most already develop for nearly every platform already.

The bad? Again, I just don't get it. For starters Samsung has said it is modelling the homescreen on that of the i900 TouchWiz UI (pictured) and TouchWiz is one of the most underwhelming mobile UIs on the market. Furthermore, I can't see how it will ever become popular since, open source or not, Samsung is a rival to other handset makers so the likes of Sony Ericsson, Nokia, Motorola, etc are never likely to adopt it. The same problem is true of the Vodafone 360 platform which will not even be accepted by other networks.

Symbian, Microsoft and Google have all been successful because they haven't (yet) competed directly in the handset hardware space and even if they did, it would likely be a single model or range. Samsung is a direct threat to its smartphone rivals will innumerable phones so its success would fuel their demise.

Hopefully we'll get something substantial on bada soon (screenshots would be nice), but until then I repeat: I just don't get it...


Samsung bada Developer Site

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