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Samsung Unveils Cheaper Version of NX10 Hybrid DSLR

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Samsung Unveils Cheaper Version of NX10 Hybrid DSLR

We were hugely impressed with the NX10, Samsung's debut entry into the fast expanding 'Hybrid DSLR' sector, but if you're on a budget this may prove even more appealing...

The Korean giant has unveiled the 'NX5', a slightly cut down version of its bigger brother. I say 'bigger' metaphorically, because the NX5 is physically identical to the NX10 but looks to save costs by dropping the 3in AMOLED display for a regular LCD and by using a lower resolution electronic viewfinder.

If you can live without these niceties then you'll be pleased to know the NX5 features the same 14.6 megapixel APS-C format CMOS sensor, 100 - 3200 ISO, built in pop-up Flash and DRIMe II Pro engine. It also retains the ability to record 720p HD video and is fitted with an HDMI output. The motivation in making this model? I suspect Sony's stunning NEX-5 and NEX-3.

As for that all important pricing, there seems to be some confusion. Samsung says the snapper will come out this month for 699 euros (£578), but that would make it more expensive than the NX10 which was under £500 when we reviewed it in May. I suspect lenses may be the contributing factor here, but we await official clarification because it certainly won't carry a higher RRP unless Samsung wants me to poke a great deal of fun at it.

Which I will... with a javelin.

Link: Samsung Camera UK

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