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Samsung Unveils Cheaper Version of NX10 Hybrid DSLR

Gordon Kelly


Samsung Unveils Cheaper Version of NX10 Hybrid DSLR

We were hugely impressed with the NX10, Samsung's debut entry into the fast expanding 'Hybrid DSLR' sector, but if you're on a budget this may prove even more appealing...

The Korean giant has unveiled the 'NX5', a slightly cut down version of its bigger brother. I say 'bigger' metaphorically, because the NX5 is physically identical to the NX10 but looks to save costs by dropping the 3in AMOLED display for a regular LCD and by using a lower resolution electronic viewfinder.

If you can live without these niceties then you'll be pleased to know the NX5 features the same 14.6 megapixel APS-C format CMOS sensor, 100 - 3200 ISO, built in pop-up Flash and DRIMe II Pro engine. It also retains the ability to record 720p HD video and is fitted with an HDMI output. The motivation in making this model? I suspect Sony's stunning NEX-5 and NEX-3.

As for that all important pricing, there seems to be some confusion. Samsung says the snapper will come out this month for 699 euros (£578), but that would make it more expensive than the NX10 which was under £500 when we reviewed it in May. I suspect lenses may be the contributing factor here, but we await official clarification because it certainly won't carry a higher RRP unless Samsung wants me to poke a great deal of fun at it.

Which I will... with a javelin.

Link: Samsung Camera UK


June 7, 2010, 9:16 pm

Samsung being the big electronics corporation it is could just drop the price of the current one even more am pretty sure. I personally would have gotten the NX10 However it lack the 3.5mm Audio Jack and the AVCHD which Panasonic has but not in a APS C sensor...

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