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Samsung Unveils Cheap, Rugged Handset With Two Month Battery Life

Gordon Kelly


Samsung Unveils Cheap, Rugged Phone With 2 Month Battery Life

We love our high-end smartphones, but we also like handsets which won't shatter into a million pieces if we suffer a bad case of butter fingers. Which is where Samsung comes along..

Following in its niche, but successful tradition, of rugged handsets like the Solid Extreme, B2700 Bound and Solid M110 is the new 'Xcover E2370' - a phone which is not just tough to break, but immensely practical too.

Getting its rugged credentials out of the way first, the Xcover comes with IP-54 certification which means it is resistant to the ingress of dust and dirt while also laughing off water splashes from any direction. IP-54 doesn't make it as tough as its IP-57 rated Solid Extreme (which could be fully submerged in water) or hardcore champs like the Sonim XP3, but it will withstand abuse your average iPhone or Android handset would have nightmares about.

As for practicality, the Xcover has a mammoth 67 day standby battery life - that's over two months - and talk time is a whopping 22 hours. Of course to achieve such massive figures, the Xcover is no technical tour de force with simple GSM/EDGE connectivity, a small 128 x 150 pixel display and VGA camera. You will at least find Bluetooth, a microSD expansion slot and an FM radio. It is also chunky at 19mm thick and weighs a noticeable 115g, but that's due to the rugged nature of the handset.

That said if you need a simple and reliable fall back phone then at under 80 euros (circa £65) you could well do with an Xcover the next time you don't want to take your prized smartphone to the beach. It should hit Europe in the next few months.

Source: unwiredview.com

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