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Samsung Unveils 'Armani 2 Night Effect' Fashion Phone

Gordon Kelly


Samsung Unveils 'Armani 2 Night Effect' Fashion Phone

For some the bigger the designer label on your person, the more fashionable you are. For me, I've always thought the bigger your designer label, the more of a walking billboard you are and the less anybody notices anything about you other than your t-shirt, but clearly I'm old...

Still, for those ticked by this odd phenomenon Samsung clearly has you in mind with the launch of its 'Armani 2 Night Effect' handset which features quite easily the biggest designer label ever applied to a handset. Sadly, and in something of a metaphor for those keen to sport giant designer labels, what's inside is a bit dull...

We get HSDPA and Bluetooth 2.0 connectivity, a 3.2MP camera, 2.2in QVGA screen, just 120MB of onboard storage, an FM tuner, and a microSD expansion slot. Carrying on my ever more strained analogy the absence of GPS should reflect how lost giant designer label lovers are and the handset is also keen to mirror their lack of business application. A blue LED glowing strip around the handset does however show their love of overly expensive, trashy nightclubs.

On the plus side, when the Armani 2 Night Effect launches in Europe in November it is highly unlikely to besiege your wallet in the way Samsung's original and more far more understated touchscreen Armani P520 did, but then again it isn't half as interesting either.

Which, by funny coincidence...


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