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Samsung Unveils Android-based Galaxy Tablet

Gordon Kelly


Samsung Unveils Android-based Galaxy Tablet

Nothing like breaking your major product news with some amateur photography on a niche Twitter account...

After months of speculation about we're-great-at-hardware-just-don't-let-us-near-software Samsung's plans for the emerging tablet sector, the Korean giant has revealed all on the Twitter account of its South African blog.

@SamsungBlogSA tweeted this exclusive photo of its 'Galaxy Tab' to all 821 of its followers today placing it alongside the 4in Galaxy S for a sense of scale. It followed up this tweet by confirming there will be a South African launch (no kidding) and said "This particular one is a 7" model and has a high-res TFT screen. At the top-end it has a 3.5mm jack."

The interesting part here is "this particular one" which pretty much nails on news Samsung will be making the Galaxy Tab in a range of sizes (9in and 5in would seem obvious choices). No further hardware specs have been given up as yet (a Qualcomm Dual Core Snapdragon perhaps?) but this doesn't really matter since Samsung has once again ruined the Android-core by slapping its TouchWiz UI over the top. I've already made my hatred of TouchWiz clear, but the simple fact is it also stops easy Android firmware upgrades.

All of which is a great shame since a) Android multitasks, and b) Samsung will no doubt equip it with lots of storage plus expansion card slots, HDMI, a camera and support Flash. We await a release time frame and pricing, but it's hard to care when the company seems determined right now to hamstring its mobile products at every turn...

Source: @SamsungBlogSA (account is genuine, it has sent nearly 400 tweets - but the tweet has now been deleted)

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