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Samsung Unveils 3.9mm Thick HDTV

Gordon Kelly


Samsung Unveils 3.9mm Thick HDTV

Given you will still need a web bracket just when does the fad for ever thinner HDTVs become utterly pointless? I'd say about now...

Samsung has unveiled a new prototype 40in LED TV panel which is just 3.9mm thick and no I didn't misplace the decimal point, we are indeed talking slimmer than a pencil and a whole 2mm (which is actually proportionately huge) less than LG's previous industry leading 5.9mm waifs.

The key word (not overly stressed in this announcement) however is 'panel' - this is not a complete TV, you will need a casing around it which will add some (if not much) bulk and there's no word on when/if it will be heading to retail channels. That said, dimensional gimmicks aside, it would be welcome since the panel sports a 120Hz refresh rate and 5,000:1 contrast ratio as well as the goes-without-saying Full HD native resolution.

From a practical standpoint, I suppose we can credit this set for also likely being the easiest to snap lightest 40 incher around which should make installation easy. Then again this is all tediously reminiscent of other industry battlegrounds: megapixels, gigahertz, refresh rates, contrast ratios, etc which ultimately became meaningless.

Then again, it is REALLY thin... ;)


via akihabaranews

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