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Samsung 'Touch Of Color' Notebooks Launch Tomorrow


Samsung 'Touch Of Colour' Notebooks Launch Tomorrow

Intel is set to lift the veil on its Centrino 2 (priorly Montevina) platform tomorrow, and just about every notebook manufacturer under the sun looks ready to unveil a new range of notebooks based upon it. Samsung is no difference, and we've managed to get our hands on a few advanced details on its new 'Touch of Color' (ToC) notebook range.

While we can't talk specifics, we can tell you that the ToC line-up will comprise of five new systems. A 12.1in, a 13.3in, two 15.4in and a 17in model will be featured, all of course packing Intel processors and based a conspicuously unmentioned "Intel platform".

All the systems will boast integrated webcams and HDMI outputs and many will offer graphics chips from both nVidia's GeForce 9000-series and, though we of course can't confirm this yet, Intel's forthcoming new integrated range.

Going by what we know of other manufacturers ranges we'll probably see some DDR3-packing systems, and maybe a 16:9 aspect ratio screens too.

As already mentioned, we'll have the full details tomorrow, so you'll have the full low-down shortly after we do.

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