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Samsung to Demo 6.5mm Thin LED HDTV @ CES

Gordon Kelly


Samsung to Demo 6.5mm Thin LED HDTV @ CES

There's nothing like jumping the gun...

Following the announcement last week from LG that it will be unveiling the world's thinnest LED TV in the guise of LH95 (below) guess what Samsung has done?

Yep in true technology one-upmanship style fellow Korean mega-corp Samsung has upped the ante a whole two days before CES even starts. Whereas the LH95 measures just 24.8mm deep, Samsung's model is claimed make that appear like some sort of beached whale with its unnamed set coming in a meagre 6.5mm to 7mm thick. You read that right, it's potentially more than 3x thinner.

Sadly nothing else is known about this bulimic tele but putting on my Reality Hat tells me there is a distinct likelihood this will be a prototype with no real world availability while LG is probably all about the retail launch. It also suggests we're only seeing the very beginning of what promises to be a wonderfully competitive show - economy horror show or not. In fact, that doesn't even touch upon OLED. *rubs hands*

Riyad, Andy and I shall be jetting off to CES Tuesday morning. Couple that with MacWorld kicking off today and this should be one heck of a week...


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