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Samsung Sticking with Bada In 2011

David Gilbert


Samsung Sticking with Bada In 2011

It seems as if Samsung is sticking with its young mobile operating system, bada, by announcing a major leap forward planned for 2011.

Announced at the bada developer day in South Korea, bada 2.0 will introduce NFC support, a boosted UI, third-party social-networking service integration and an all-new SDK with support for Linux and Mac. Thus far bada, an open standard OS like Android, has only been seen on Samsung’s own Wave phone which was released last summer. Since the launch of bada, there have been a couple of updates but these have been pretty minor in nature. Since the original Wave, Samsung has added a number of other handsets to the bada family - including the Wave II.

Among the major steps forward promised with bada 2.0 is Near Field Communication (NFC), a feature we saw recently supported in the Nexus S, and something which could become standard during 2011. One of the major flaws of the OS we found when we looked at it in depth back in August was the ugliness of the UI. Samsung is promising an updated UI with 2.0 including smart home screens, UI personalisation and layout management. We’re keeping our fingers crossed that all this will lead to something more appealing to the eye.

We will also see added multi-tasking support with apps able to launch in the background. Speech recognition and push notifications, while nothing new, will bring bada up to the level of Android and iOS. As regards more widespread adoption of bada the addition of an ad gateway and operator billing support could see more providers and manufacturers getting on board. No official launch date for bada 2.0 has been given beyond the terribly unspecific “sometime in 2011.”

Source: Slash Gear

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