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Samsung SH100 Is Wireless Wonder


Samsung SH100 Is Wireless Wonder

Adding to the NX11 and WB100 it already announced last week, Samsung has unveiled another new camera here at CES, called the SH100.

On the surface its just another mid-range compact camera with a 14.1-megapixel sensor (1/2.33in CCD) sensor and 5X optical zoom lens equivalent to 26mm - 130mm. However, what sets it apart is its in-built Wi-Fi.

This isn't a totally new feature but it certainly sounds like it's been done rather well on this device. You can, for instance, connect it to a Samsung Galaxy S (we're awaiting confirmation of why it's limited to just this phone or any other Android phone) and use the screen of the phone to view the camera's image in real time. What's more you can use the phone to actually zoom in and out and take the snap, eliminating the need to rush around setting timers when doing group photos. It'll also grab the GPS information fro your phone.

With the push of just two buttons you can also back up your photos to a PC, or use DLNA to stream your photos and videos to your TV. And of course, what gadget would be complete without some form of social networking integration? The SH100 also let's you upload photos straight to Facebook, Picasa, or Photobucket but not Flickr. You can also email photos. Video uploading is also available with YouTube taking on the duties. An account with mobile hotspot provideo, Boingo, is even included, so you can upload wherewever you are around the world.

To make navigating your way through all that functionality easier, the camera uses a touch interface over its 3in LCD screen. We'll hopefully report back shortly with a hands-on to see whether it really does make for an easy to use device, though.

Needless to say, this isn't a high-end camera for enthusiasts but this sort of wireless technology is certainly something we want to see more of from cameras in the future. What are your thoughts on the subject? Let us know in the comments.

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