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Samsung Reveal Galaxy Ace, Fit, Mio And mini

David Gilbert


Samsung Reveal Galaxy Ace, Fit, Mio And mini

The high-end Samsung Galaxy S was a triumph for the Korean manufacturer last year but it now wants to bring that success to the mid- to low- end of the market, but could they be in danger of losing the good work the S did for the Galaxy name?

None of the four Android 2.2 handsets Samsung has announced, and called the Galaxy family, on initial inspection do anything for us in regards to aesthetics or specifications. But we imagine these handsets won’t be putting as much pressure on your wallet as the S did. First up is the Galaxy Ace, which will sport an 800MHz processor, have a 3.5in HVGA display, come bundled with ThinkFree document reader (whatever good that will do) and be available immediately in Russia and soon after in Europe and Asia. Indeed all four of the new Galaxy family will follow a similar release path.

Next we have the Galaxy Fit which has a 600MHz processor, 3.31in QVGA display, five megapixel camera and as with all these devices will run Android 2.2. The Galaxy Gio is a basic looking device which sports a 3.2in HVGA display while the final handset is the Galaxy mini which has a 600MHz processor, 3.14in QVGA display and Quick Office document viewer. This mini is not however the Galaxy S mini which has been rumoured for quite a while.

Samsung has said that all four devices will be making an appearance at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona in a couple of weeks when more details will be available.

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