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Samsung Outs New Full HD, SSD Equipped Camcorders

Gordon Kelly


Samsung Outs New Full HD, SSD Equipped Camcorders

Feeling the need for some Full HD, SSD camcorder love? Samsung has you covered. The Korean mega-corp-increasingly-mega-everything has announced an expansion to its H-series in the shape of the 'HMX-H200', 'HMX-203', 'HMX-H204' and 'HMX-H205'.

Despite the different product names, the quadruplets all have the same impressive core specs: up to 1920 x 1080 pixel recording, 30x optical zoom with a 37mm wide angle, image stabilisation, the ability to take 4.7MP stills and 2.7in touchscreen displays with 230k resolutions. All Full HD video is also compressed using the H.264 codec while Time Lapse recording (one, three or five second intervals) is available in 720p. Lastly all models have HDMI connectivity.

Differences? It is all largely in the internal memory. For while the line-up has SD card slots, the H200 comes with no internal memory, the H203 has an 8GB SSD, the H204 a 16GB SSD and the H205 a chunky 32GB SSD. Meanwhile battery life comes in at two hours 10 minutes when shooting in Full HD, but should last a bit longer in less demanding modes.

Availability? June will see all four arrive, though Samsung isn't giving away pricing at this stage. Should the RRPs prove reasonable, and given the company's ruthless reputation with pricing we have no reason to doubt otherwise, we could be looking at some impressive new contenders for our wallets' affection.


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