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Samsung Manual Leaks NC20 Details


Samsung Manual Leaks NC20 Details

We've already seen details of Samsung's NC20 leak out, but not from as verifiable a source as Samsung itself. Thanks to a (weirdly flash-based) manual leaked on its support site, Samsung has let slip some more details, as well as answering a few questions previously raised.

Powering the system, which at 12.1in is clearly too large to be considered a netbook, is a 1.3GHz Atom processor, not VIA has had been doubtfully speculated. That confusion, though, is helpfully explained by the NC20's use of a VIA VX800 chipset, rather than Intel's 945GSE, although the benefits or lack thereof of the change aren't particularly clear.

Resolution wise that 12.1in screen sports a 1,280 x 800 resolution, battery life is provided by a 6-cell pack and, a little curiously, Draft-N wireless isn't offered. Although I maintain it's hardly needed on a netbook-type device, and if there's a better life increase to be had from dropping it so much the better.


Samsung NC20 manual.

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