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Samsung M1 Becomes 2nd Vodafone 360 Handset

Gordon Kelly


Samsung M1 Becomes 2nd Vodafone 360 Handset

While I feel pretty confident in saying users want less network interference with their handsets than more, Vodafone has different ideas and has just announced its second '360' handset.

Following up the Samsung H1 is the 'Samsung M1', a similar looking full touchscreen phone with more midrange credentials. 3.2 is the popular number this time around with a 3.2in 800 x 480 pixel touchscreen display (type not mentioned - a worrying sign) and 3.2 megapixel camera minus flash.

Connectivity is hit and miss with HSDPA and GPS winning friends and influencing people, but a lack of WiFi then likely causing defections. At 112 x 55.4 x 13.4mm it is not a fatty, but isn't going to waltz down a catwalk and the 1GB of memory will have you quickly reaching for the 16GB compatible microSD slot. The other notables are a multimedia player and FM tuner, though Vodafone will hope the main draw is its custom 360 interface.

As with the H1, this LiMO OS based platform replaces Vodafone Live! and delivers Facebook, Google Talk and Windows Live Messenger integration while also backing up and syncing all your data in the Cloud. Long term 360 will also enable users to upgrade from one 360 handset to another and simply download all their content though looking 18 months/two years ahead with any mobile development is risky given the hyper competitive nature of the handset market.

I'm still not convinced Vodafone 360 is a good idea (untouched cross-network, cross-manufacturer mobile platforms seem far more progressive to me), but it is certainly off to a decent start with two appealing handsets. Like the H1, the Samsung M1 launches immediately and is available from free on £20pm two year contracts.


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