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Samsung Leaks ARM's Roadmap Up to 2013

Gordon Kelly


Samsung Leaks ARM's Roadmap Up to 2013

If you're still wondering why Apple is rumoured to be so keen on buying ARM, here are a few more good reasons...

First up Samsung has 'accidentally' leaked ARM's roadmap for the next three years covering both smartphones and smartbooks and it is looking mighty tasty.

In the short term, 'Taurus' is the first chip we should be getting excited about. This is a 1GHz version of the 600MHz Cortex A8 chip seen in the iPhone 3GS and will arrive this year. We'd say expect this in the fourth generation iPhone, but my money is on Apple swapping its impending handset over to its own ARM-based A4. Next come ARM's first A5 'Orion' and A9 'Pegasus' and 'Hercules' chips which are when the fun starts since these flexible designs can be scaled from 600MHz to 1.2GHz and come in single or dual core variants. Catch them in early 2011.

Where things get really exciting, however, is a little further afield with ARM now known to be readying a 1.2GHz quad core Cortex A9 for release in 2013. Say hello, to desktop level multi-tasking. Yum!

In related news Marvell has also turned up the heat on current smartphone darling Qualcomm and its Snapdragon chipset with news of a new version of the Armada. The 'Armada 310' is a SoC (system on a chip) built around an ARMv5 processor that can hit 1GHz yet consume just a single watt of power.

Furthermore, the 310 has the functionality to support dual gigabit Ethernet, dual SATA 2.0, a pair of PCIe ports, USB 2.0 and DDR3 RAM - all of which means this is powerful enough to build fully functional nettops and laptops, not just phones. The cost? A mere $15 in bulk quantities.

No wonder Apple is so keen...


Samsung leak via EETimes

Armada 310 via betanews

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