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Samsung Launches SDK for Bada Smartphone OS

Gordon Kelly


Samsung Launches SDK for Bada Smartphone OS

An extremely silly idea has taken another significant step towards fruition...

Samsung's bada OS is now open to developers after it announced the public availability of its first SDK. It includes several components: an integrated development environment (IDE), Simulator, UI builder, sample applications, documentation and tutorials. It is also based on the Eclipse CDT (C/C++ Development Tools) which is a common development environment for many.

Now I've been very harsh on bada until now, but it must have redeeming points, right? Yes there are some such as Adobe Flash support, a Webkit based browser and it is also a largely open platform. Samsung is also an expert at building powerful hardware and its first bada handset, the Samsung Wave, is a technical tour de force with a 3.3in Super AMOLED display, 720p video recording, 802.11n WiFi, aGPS, AVI video support and a 1GHz processor.

On the flip side Samsung has traditionally built horrible mobile OSes and the worst aspect of them have been their clunky and, quite frankly, ugly TouchWiz interfaces. This famously ruined the Omnia i900 and it is exactly what bada is built around. Furthermore my Samsung Wave hands-on suggested, while faster, it hasn't got much better either.

Another major issue with bada is it doesn't support multi-tasking and that won't inspire developers to it during a time when even the iPhone is soon to allow the products of their sweat and tears to run in the background. If that wasn't enough, there's no multi-touch either - at least in the first iterations. What is this 2008? Add in the fact bada has no hope in hell of being adopted by any other rival handset maker and I just can't see the point. Competition is good, but only if those involved build something worthwhile.

The bada SDK can be downloaded from the link below, but we warned it is only compatible with Windows operating systems. See what I mean...?


bada SDK

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