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Samsung Launches Q1EX-71G UMPC


Samsung Launches Q1EX-71G UMPC

Samsung has once again updated its Q1 UMPC, dropping the QWERTY keyboard of the preceding model, in favour of an entirely touch-driven interface while also upping the rated battery life.

Contributing to that is a change from the Intel A100 CPU Q1 Ultra to a low-power VIA Nano U2500 running at 1.2GHz. That processor is coupled to a 60GB hard drive and 2GB of RAM. The new Q1 also has a GPS receiver.

A 4-cell battery is rated for 4.5 hours, with an extended 8-cell option upping that to 8.5. Samsung was realistic with the claimed operating span of the Q1U, so hopefully those figures will actually translate into the real world.

While it may seem a step backwards to cut the split-QWERTY keyboard from the Q1 it actually makes sense. The UMPC market has been all but cannibalised by netbooks, and anyone who would have considered the Q1 Ultra would almost definitely be better served by, say, an NC10. Cutting a few features that are arguably unneeded to cut costs is, therefore, a pretty smart move.




March 6, 2009, 9:05 pm

I applaud Samsung for sticking to the UMPC platform and not ditching it completely. Having supported this from day one and seen the no. of devices dwindle in recent months in favour of the boring netbook format this is a risky but brave strategy. Will be interested to see if this is released the same time as the Asus R50A which is currently its only active competitor!

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