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Samsung Launches Five New i-Function NX Lenses

David Gilbert


Samsung Launches Five New i-Function NX Lenses

We saw Samsung’s i-Function lenses in action at CES last month and now the Korean manufacturer has announced five more which work with its NX camera system.

The compact system cameras (CSC) market is becoming increasingly crowded, with Olympus and Panasonic’s Micro Four Thirds system, Ricoh’s GXR system and Sony’s NEX all vying for supremacy. Samsung’s NX system is also battling it out and the introduction of five new i-Function lenses will give it a significant boost. i-Function lenses are one of the most innovative developments in CSC cameras we’ve seen and with a slew of new compatible lenses, the NX system could attract a lot of new followers.

The i-Function lens gives you the ability to change camera settings (ISO, aperture, shutter speed, etc) using an adjustment ring round the outside of the lens. The new line up of lenses features the 18-200mm multi-purpose Long Zoom Lens, which has modes which are optimised for creating high-quality movie content with a single lens while silent auto-focus is achieved through Samsung’s Voice Coil Motor. A compact 16mm F2.4 Ultra Wide Pancake Lens allows for capturing wider images even in low light, and delivers a shallow depth of field.

The new 60mm Macro Lens features Super Sonic Actuator (which sounds awesome) but in reality only delivers silent auto-focus. Next is the ultra bright 85mm F1.4 CSC lens which is a premium portrait lens and includes the Full Time Manual Focus, giving advanced photographer's more control over their preferred settings. Finally, Samsung’s 16-80mm Advanced Standard Zoom Lens includes image stabilisation and silent auto-focus.

No pricing or release dates for any of the i-Function NX lenses have been released by Samsung yet but we’ll let you know as soon as we do.

Source: Imaging Resource

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