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Samsung Launches 'BEAT Edition' Music Mobiles

Gordon Kelly


Samsung Launches 'BEAT' Edition Music Mobiles

Harking back to a seemingly bygone era when mobile phones offered just integrated music and photography, not a complete PC alternative, Samsung has sung us this a new line...

'The Beat' range will comprise two handsets: the 's' for slider and 'b' for candybar (yes, slightly confusing) - also known as the 'M3200' and 'M3510'. Both are aimed towards the lower end of the market but offer near 1cm waistlines and a few nice surprises.

In the case of the s (M3200), you get DNSe (Digital Natural Sound engine) and a Bang & Olufsen 'ICEpower' audio chip for improved sound quality, stereo Bluetooth (A2DP), an FM tuner with RDS and recording ability, that all important 3.5mm headphone jack and an accelerometer which enables 'Motion Play', ie: tracks to be skipped with a hearty shake.

Automatic mood based music playlists are available too (as seems the current trend) plus Shazam's excellent 'Find Music' service, while on the hardware side a 2MP camera, 2in QVGA display and microSD memory card slot round things off.

As for the b (M3510) - form factors aside - it is virtually identical feature-for-feature and spec-for-spec so your main decision is primarily aesthetic.

Both Beat phones will be launching in early October and expect them to be a hit (pun very much intended) on the PAYG scene while any kind of monthly contract should land them for free.


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