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Samsung Launches 4in Super AMOLED Android Handset

Gordon Kelly


Samsung Launches 4in Super AMOLED Android Handset

Now this is what we always wanted... almost.

Samsung has added to its Android-based Galaxy range with the 'Galaxy S', a spec-tacular smartphone which uses Google's latest Android 2.1 OS and yet still manages to kinda balls things up.

What Samsung does well first: the Galaxy S is a hardware monster. It packs in a whopping 4in 800 x 480 pixel capacitive touchscreen display with Super AMOLED, throws in a five megapixel camera (seems the industry has realised this is the sane size - good), adds 720p HD video recording, a choice of 8GB or 16GB of native storage and bundles a 1GHz CPU, GPS, WiFi and Bluetooth 2.1 with A2DP. Sounds awesome right? Sorta.

Proving once and for all it knows as much about making an intuitive mobile operating system as I do about building igloos, Samsung has done its level best to completely ruin Android. As I feared having seen the equally hardware-tastic Samsung Beam at Mobile World Congress in February, Samsung has gone ahead with its mind numblingly dumb idea of making all its mobile platforms exactly look the same. This means whether the OS be Symbian, Windows Mobile or Android, Samsung has made them all adopt its TouchWiz UI and icons in an attempt to try and unite its handsets.

The problem with this is TouchWiz is about the single worst user interface on the market and Samsung's icons look like they were drawn by an apathetic teenager doing his homework in Paint. Thanks Samsung, that's helpful in a way that's well... not. All of which makes the fact the Galaxy S is just 9.9mm thick, weighs a dainty 118g and will be available "soon" even harder to take.

It is time for an intervention...

'Dear Samsung, let's cut to the chase. For the last five years you have been the breakout company in the technology industry. You've been bold and successful in almost every sector, yet you know it and I know it: Bada is a bad idea. Bad bad bad bad bad. What is more TouchWiz has always been a bad idea - poorly laid out and horribly implemented. Basing Bada around TouchWiz, that really is a doozy of epic proportions. Yes, I know you want to be the new Sony - your micro four thirds NX10 is incompatible with industry lenses, your 3D TVs only have full functionality if used with other Samsung kit - including Bada - and even the 1GHz CPU here is your own. But let's get one thing clear: dressing up a jolly decent mobile operating system like Android just to make it look as ugly as Bada and as ill thought out as TouchWiz won't do your OS any favours. So quit messing around (being Sony didn't even work out for Sony), buy Palm, treat Android kindly and we'll forget any of this nonsense ever happened. Deal?

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