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Samsung Haptic 2 Touchscreen Phones Unveiled

Gordon Kelly


Samsung Haptic 2 Touchscreen Phones Unveiled

One of the well known - and most frustratingly avoidable - advantages of the iPhone is its highly responsive capacitive touch system so could this finally be eliminated by Haptic 2...

We certainly hope so because - while details are thin - Samsung's first Haptic 2 handsets (and 'The World's', naturally) look highly promising on paper, even if they do always!.

The 4GB 'SCH-W550' and 16GB 'SCH-W555' will sport 3.2in Haptic 2 touchscreens with increased sensitivity and lifelike feedback, an upgraded finger friendly UI, DMB for mobile TV and five megapixel cameras. Other niceties include customisable vibration modes (which can only lead to no good), bespoke icons and screen designs, an e-dictionary and Bluetooth (surely with A2DP).

The W550 and W555 (which really sound like Sony Ericsson model names) will retail for $480 and $550 and will launching before the end of the month. While undefined, presumably these releases will be initially in Korea - note the 'Anycall' branding - but if we screw our eyes shut and wish very, very hard...


via Akihabara

Hans Gruber

September 30, 2008, 8:25 am

"Other niceties include customisable vibration modes (which can only lead to no good)"

Well, happy smiles of the ladies modeling this phone in your link seems to suggest you might be right. Akihabara, incidentally, is a wonderful sounding word. That phone looks nice. It'll be good news all round if this Haptic 2 touchscreen technology proves its worth as a usable software interface.

If it's fitted with 3G or higher, wifi and GPS this new Samsung mobile will definitely be a contender. Having built in map software of the like Nokia offer (so there's no need to download live mapping data) would certainly clinch the deal for those not on contracts (yeah, there are those of us who don't really need them y'know). Let's hope Korea remember us here in Europe.


September 30, 2008, 2:11 pm

As always (yes I know its getting old) its really the operating system that will make or break any touchscreen phone, will be interesting to see if the UI has been upgraded enough to be a serious contender to the "you know what"...

And i imagine itll be popping up on ebay at some point if someone wanted to try one.. :-)

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