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Samsung H1 Hits Pre-order With Vodafone 360

Gordon Kelly


Samsung H1 Hits Pre-order With Vodafone 360

The BlackBerry Storm 2 isn't the only handset feeling the Vodafone luuuuv this week. The network has also announced the Samsung 'H1' is available on pre-order in the UK and will ship to customers on 30 October.

On a hardware side things are promising (as they always are with Samsung) with as 3.5in OLED touchscreen, HSDPA, WiFi, GPS, 16GB of native memory, a 5MP camera and an impressive talk time of up to 400 minutes over a 3G signal. Where Samsung phones traditionally (and time and time and time again) fall down is in terms of interface, but here Vodafone may ride to the rescue.

The H1 will be the first handset on the market to integrate Vodafone's new ‘360' platform based on the LiMO OS. 360 is a replacement for the rather mediocre Live! service and automatically syncs contacts on your phone with Facebook, Windows Live Messenger and Google Talk (yes INQ/Palm Pre style). On top of this 360 backs up all your phone content online so even if your phone is run over by a bus (happens all the time), contacts, photos and video are all safe. In short, a bit like MobileMe on the iPhone or SkyBox on Windows Phone. 360 can also be used to tag and share pictures and locations with others.

Interestingly, 360 will work across the Vodafone range (though impending iPhone support is less clear) meaning you can change/upgrade handsets and simply have everything port across. Furthermore, non-Vodafone customers "can access some of the range of services, linking them to their social networks via mobile." We await more details on this.

As seems the fashion with Vodafone right now, the Samsung H1 will be free on a 24 month £35pm contract and it might just be the start of something rather cool for this recently rejuvenated network...


Vodafone 360


October 16, 2009, 5:42 am

Vodafone to the rescue?!

Telco's should try and get their first priority in order first before investing in creating nasty niche bloatware to force users to use Vodafones awful 'services' on their handsets. That'll be the old dumb pipe argument again.

Shame, stick a decent OS on this (WinMO, WebOS, Symbian, Android) without the propriety firmware, and it has real appeal. As it is, I wouldn't give it a second thought.

Pat Emmison

October 16, 2009, 10:03 am

And will the handset itself have continued support from Samsung? Or will they abandon it like they did with the i8510?

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