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Samsung Galaxy Tab On Train in Aus, Captured in China

Andy Vandervell


Samsung Galaxy Tab On Train in Aus, Captured in China

Were this 'ye olden times' and the Galaxy Tab was a young woman and not a seven-inch Android tablet, we'd wager it would be labelled a wanton hussy so often is it seen flaunting itself despite not being 'out'. In recent days it has been captured on camera on an Australian train, and it has also been captured on camera - in rather less blurry fashion than the LG C900 yesterday - by a Chinese website.

Its sighting on an Australian train is particularly odd. It was recorded by an eagle-eyed traveller and, according to Electronista, when quizzed the owner of the device said it was "awesome" and "different" to the Apple iPad. Considering this person has advanced access to the device, we'll take his potentially biased view with a pinch of salt.

Rather less weird, and more revealing, were pictures on Chinese website ifranr. These spy shots revealed, perhaps not surprisingly, that the device is indeed running Android 2.2.

Interestingly, the unit here seems to differ slightly from previously leaked shots that featured three buttons, including a physical 'Home' button. This Galaxy Tab seems to have four touch sensitive buttons (a context sensitive menu button, a back button, home and a search shortcut), which have backlights that extinguish when not in use. This does rather set off suspicions of fakery, however, or at least that this might be an earlier and since discarded prototype.

Other interesting titbits include the distinctly Apple-like power and docking connector, what looks like a slightly tweaked set of docked app icons, and a good look at the keyboard.

Frankly it's about time the Galaxy Tab stop being such a tease, no matter what good society might think of it. Our imaginations only take us so far, the rest has to lived. We expect IFA will mark the end of our torment.

UPDATE, 24th Aug, 16:45

Samsung has just released its own teaser video, which confirms that the above photos are in fact real.

Via: ifanr (Chinese) and Electronista (Not Chinese)

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